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In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, ECPI University wants to give you the opportunity to reflect and share your stories about the instructors you have had at ECPI University who have influenced you, motivated you, and helped shape your lives. Your stories will be posted on the Online Portal Page during Teacher Appreciation Week starting May 4, 2015.

To share your story and extend appreciation to our faculty, please go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ECPIfacappreciation  and fill out a very brief questionnaire. We will take entries until midnight on April 29, 2015.

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Online Grad has New Degree and New Outlook on Himself and His Career

For many years, Michele Pistone simply did not consider himself “college material.” After high school, he joined the Navy. Six years soon passed, and he decided it was time to join the private sector. He secured a job in the electronics industry and was doing well. However, he quickly learned that he could only advance so far without a college degree.

Not being quite sure where to begin, he did a great deal of research. “After searching many online colleges, I decided that ECPI University was one of the few online universities which could offer me the degree I needed in the shortest amount of time and at a reasonable cost,” says Michele. “I was intimidated at first, but the abundant social interaction with fellow students, the encouragement from my professors, and the great support from the Student Services staff allowed me to succeed. After two decades of thinking I was not ‘college material,’ I succeeded in graduating Summa Cum Laude with my Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering Technology.”

Michele was even honored with the Outstanding Performance Award. Within 30 days of graduation, he was promoted to manager. Says Michele, “Now I have a roadmap that has no limits!"

Military Spotlight

Columbia Student Uses Military Discipline and Online Classes to Balance Life’s Demands

Like most military veterans, Welcome Knox knows how to face down a challenge. She has been doing it her whole life. An Air Force veteran, Welcome spent more than four years on active duty and seven years in the reserves. Currently, she is working on her Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Administration at the Columbia, South Carolina campus, having already earned her Associate’s degree in the field. A great source of pride to her loved ones, Welcome is the first person in her family to graduate from both high school and college.

Shortly after enrolling at ECPI University, Welcome had to have surgery that prevented her from attending on-campus classes. She requested online classes and soon discovered the faculty to be very helpful and understanding. “They were so very responsive. I’d send an email to them and they’d get back to me an hour or two later, not two days later,” she says. “ECPI University is definitely the best decision I ever made!”

Welcome is currently working the third shift at Wal-Mart while attending school so she has to be highly-disciplined in planning her schedule. “After work, I’ll take a shower, eat, and relax for a few minutes, and then get on the computer,” she says. “I’ll spend two to three hours doing classwork, then go to bed and sleep for six hours. After waking up and getting my bearings, I’ll get back online and make a couple of posts or do an assignment.” Her advice to first-time online students is simple: “Don’t expect to master it all at once. It will take some getting used to, but you’ll get the hang of it. There are people there to help, and don’t be afraid to ask."

“My two biggest supporters are my mom and my daughter, Alyssa. Having such strong support from my family has helped me through difficult times, and has provided a great foundation for future academic and career success.”

Break Out Box

“ECPI University is definitely the best decision I ever made!”
Welcome Knox, Healthcare Administration Student


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