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Graduates — These Students are Graduates as of 7/21/2019

Congratulations to the following full-time Online Students who are recent ECPI graduates. Congratulations on a job well done! Best of luck in your future endeavors!

Student Program
Alycia Burdette BS Health Science
Ariel Mort BS Business Administration
Benjamin Anderson BS Computer & Information Science
Bobby Greene AS Computer & Information Science
Breiel Brown BS Business Administration
Brian Loberg AS Computer & Information Science
Brooke Inman BS Business Administration
Carl Loos BS Computer & Information Science
Cassawndra Greenleaf BS Computer & Information Science
Christopher Aucoin BS Electronics Engineering Technology
Christopher Redman BS Computer & Information Science
Daniel Galan AS Computer & Information Science
David Hunt AS Electronics Engineering Technology
Delphon Gordon AS Computer & Information Science
Derick Mutagubya AS Electronics Engineering Technology
Diona Coleman BS Health Science
Enrique Muscat BS Criminal Justice
Grant Snyder BS Criminal Justice
Issac Jones BS Computer & Information Science
Jacquelynn Rodriguez BS Health Science
James Leonard BS Electronics Engineering Technology
Jamie Clays BS Health Science
Jamie Fishburne BS Criminal Justice
Jamie Hopkins BS Computer & Information Science
Jarod Heifner BS Computer & Information Science
Jennifer Hickman BS Health Science
John Wiles AS Computer & Information Science
John Woycitzky BS Electronics Engineering Technology
Joshua Miller AS Electronics Engineering Technology
Karen Seidnitzer BS Business Administration
Kimberly Spadie BS Criminal Justice
Krystle Hunt BS Health Science
LaCrystal Peguese BS Health Science
Laqueta Gault BS Health Science
Lawrence Recupero BS Computer & Information Science
Lydia Baxley BS Health Science
Malachi Bryant AS Computer & Information Science
Marcos Rangel BS Electronics Engineering Technology
Melissa Sparks BS Health Science
Michael Coots BS Electronics Engineering Technology
Orlando Vicencio AS Computer & Information Science
Perry Edgell BS Computer & Information Science
Ralph Agtarap BS Health Science
Regina Northey BS Health Science
Rosalee Marquez BS Health Science
Sarah Baker BS Health Science
Shanette Harris BS Business Administration
Shemar Cumberbatch BS Business Administration
Star LaBranche BS Business Administration
Stephanie Cinfio BS Health Science
Telena Pollard BS Health Science
Theresa Joyner BS Health Science
Toneecha Jackson BS Health Science
Troy Makel AS Electronics Engineering Technology